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We are so excited to report that registration for the 2021 Eastlake Jr. Cheer season is open! After a hard year of missing your cheerleaders, we can’t tell you how happy all the coaches are to plan for the season ahead. While there are still some unknowns, and much is dependent on football, we are moving enthusiastically forward and planning for a great season. Please head over to and sign up.

Update Regarding Cheer Camp

Posted by Eastlake Wolves Junior Cheer at Jul 9, 2020 10:04PM PDT

It is with a heavy heart that we share an important update on cheer camp, originally scheduled for the week of August 10th.

During its meeting on July 7th WIAA (Washington Interscholastic Activities Association) decided to delay the start of the fall season until September 5th for football and September 7th for all other fall sports. This means we will not be able to have cheer camp this year.

Camp is an important way to kick start the season. We learn cheers, we get to know each other and we simply have fun. As coaches we are really sad to have to make this decision.

The WIAA will meet again on July 22nd to discuss the start of all fall sports and we are expecting an update from them shortly after. We will of course update you on our season as thing evolve.

Stay safe and enjoy your summer!
Your Eastlake Junior Cheer Coaches

Fall 2020 Cheer Registration!

Posted by Eastlake Wolves Junior Cheer at May 4, 2019 5:00PM PDT



We accept all cheerleaders who register and will be in 2nd-8th grade during the 2020-2021 school year.

COVID-19 Update:

Currently registration for both Football and Cheer season are moving forward. That said, we understand these are uncertain times and things may change. We still need to prepare to the best of our ability so ask that you still register for Cheer, but select ‘Pay by Check’ and then hold on making a payment until we know more about the season. This way we get a sense of enrollment numbers but don’t have to handle refunds if the season is canceled, which we hope will not be the case.

Additional Information

  • Camp: cheer camp is still scheduled for August 10th -14th @Rachel Carson. We will update cheerleaders if that changes After camp/Summer practice will be M-F from 6-8pm. Details to be shared at camp
  • Stunt practice: will be scheduled in the week of camp. Details to be confirmed
  • Ongoing practice will be 2x a week from 6-8pm @Rachel Carson. Days are Monday/Wednesday or Monday/Tuesday
  • Practice Attire: Black fitted boy shorts, white cheer shoes and camp or black t-shirt. Hair in a high tight pony tail (bows encouraged) No jewelry of any kind (new piercings need to have tape over them). Please apply sunscreen at home. Your cheerleader will be working hard, so ensure a meal/healthy snack has been eaten prior to practice.
  • Cheers: If you want to get a jump on practice, click our Registration and APP Links tab on the upper left side of this web page for the cheer practice videos. The links are also located on the team app. To avoid learning the cheers backwards, make sure you practice facing the opposite direction. _*(if video starts with the right hand- you start with your right hand too) *
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Frequently Asked Questions

Posted by Eastlake Wolves Junior Cheer at Apr 28, 2017 5:00PM PDT

Q. How much does it cost?

A. $625 for new cheerleaders & $250 for returning cheerleaders

Q. What is included in registration fees?

A. Cheer Camp, Camp T-shirt, Skirt, Shell, Socks, Personalized Bow, Poms, Warm up- Jacket and Pant, 1 professional stunt session .  

Q.  Do you get paid for doings this?

A.  Nope, we are a 100% volunteer, non-profit organization and we love it!

Q.  What is the practice schedule:

A.  We try to accomodate everyone’s schedules who play other sports in the fall.  As soon as registration ends, we will evlaute how many participants we have and create a schedule.  It is typically 2x per week in the evenings Sept-Nov..

Q.  What is the game schedule?

A. Every Saturday starting in September.  We don’t know the exact times until it is published by the football teams 

Q. Do you need experience to be a Coach?

A.  Prior experience is not required. We will attend workshops, training and testing that will certify you as a coach.  All of our coaches are certified cheer coaches as well as CPR trained.  All stunt coaches are specifically stunt certified.

Q.  What is the time commitment to become a Coach?

A.  Coaching is a commitment.  We ask that you are available during camp week, 2 evenings per week for practice and Saturdays Sept-Nov for games.  

Q. What is the time commitment to become an Asst coach or a volunteer? 

A. Asst. Coaching options are available as well as volunteering for coordination roles such as snacks, parent communication, website updates, uniform fittings, fundraising, sponsorship, end of year party planning and general support roles.  These opportunities require less time commitment.

 Q.  My child is a returning team member and her uniform does not fit or we have lost a ton of our gear.  What do we do?

A. You can exchange the uniform if it is in good condition.  You can also purchase individual pieces.  We will evaluate the needs of each cheerleader during the uniform fitting process.

Q.  Someone gave me a uniform, can we use that?

A, Yes,  we will reduce the membership rate based upon the pieces that you have.  Uniform MUST fit to the standards of the coaching team.

Q.  What kind of shoes do we buy?

A.  All-white cheer shoes.  We require each cheerleader to wear these during practice and games.  Purchasing shoes specifically made for cheer is important because they have soles made for stunting safety.  Many shoes have too much traction on the bottom and can hurt the teammates during practice & stunting. 

Q.  What else do we need to provide?

A.  Black spankies, white cheer shoes, black tank/tshirt for practice

Q.  Do you offer any scholarships or payment plans?

A.  Yes, please contact us via email to inquire about scholarships and payment plans.   We depend 100% on fundraising and donations to provide scholarships.   We want every person interested in cheer to have the opportunity to participate.  We appreciate and welcome all donation and fundraising opportunities from the community.  Thanks for your support!